Weight loss fruits to add in diet

Weight lose and getting fit has become an important part of life for many of us in this work from home days. Not only we are treating ourselves with food from food delivery apps, but also we are gaining weight by not traveling or minimum traveling and getting ourselves locked in the safety of our homes. We can take care of our health and aid in weight loss just by adding or removing some food in our diet. Adding fruits in diet are great as its good source of mineral, vitamins also carbs and natural sugar which is good for your health. Lets discuss about four diet friendly fruits, easily available in Indian market that you should include in your diet chart if you are trying to lose a few kilos.

Oranges which is a great source of Vitamin C is easily available during winter and spring. It’s a good source of fiber, glucose that gives you energy, and it’s is also a healthier option than any other packaged energy booster.

Sweet lemon or Mosambi  is also a great source of Vitamin C, Carbohydrates, calcium. Including all this in your diet is great for your health. Also, it boosts your energy level and good for the generation of blood in the body. Its easily available during spring and winter and keeps your body cool with its sweet and tangy taste. It also helps to fight many health issues.

Guava rich in Vitamin, Carbohydrate, fiber, calcium and many more helps in digestion. It gives a feeling of fullness and provides energy. Making your stomach healthy it will help you to reduce extra fat in your body

Cucumber is a fruit that you can never ignore when it comes to weight loss. This low calorie, high water content fruit is rich in Vitamin, Mineral, Iron, Calcium is great for summer when you need to cool down your body. In summer and spring you get plenty of it in Indian market. So being local food its always easy to include this fruits in your diet.

When should you have fruits in your diet?

You can have fruits as a healthy snack option when you are hungry and the craving to snack unhealthy food will reduce and help you to reduce weight. But its healthy to have citrus fruits in the day time when the sun is up. For a healthy eating habit you can including this fruits as your mid morning snack keeping the gap of 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

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