Oriflame Milk and honey body scrub review

Oriflame is a brand that has been serving people since late 1960s catering to skin care, hair care and other domains of self care. The Milk and Honey body scrub is used hugely that you will find someone among your loved one is using it. I have heard positive statement from my friends earlier and tried my hands on the product just 2 weeks back.

Oriflame Milk and Honey body scrub product detail

This product is thick in consistency. It contains fine particles of sugar, which helps you with the scrubbing process. This sugar particle does not melt easily when it comes in contact with water. The product is indeed nourishing as it contains milk and honey, but while using it you will not find it to be oily on the contrary, it creates a slight amount of fame coming in contact with water which makes the experience of scrubbing smooth and easy and also cleans up the skin well.

How to use

You can use it on wet skin or can just simply add a few drops of water while scrubbing. Scrub a particular area for around 5 minutes, make the process of your whole body. After scrubbing wash it off with ample amount of water, pat dry your skin applies some amount of your moisturizer and you are done.

How often you should use

If you have dry skin scrubbing should be done once or maximum twice a week. If you have Oily skin with high amount dead cells on your skin you may opt for scrubbing twice or maximum thrice a week depending on the need of your skin and availability of time. Please make sure you do not over scrub your skin as this will result in some serious skin problems. Scrubbing removes natural oil from skin so does the Oriflame Milk and Honey body scrub do. That is why you should apply your favorite moisturiser to avoid drying of skin. If used in regular intervals and taken proper after care with moisturiser it will give you a feeling as if you have just taken a body polishing treatment and this will also help you to reduce other skin problems.

Multiple benefits

  • Skin tanning can be removed if you repeat scrubbing followed by moisturizing for a few months at least, depending on how much tanning you have on your skin.
  • If you have pigmentation on the upper layer of skin i.e. on the epidermis layer, scrubbing in regular intervals will definitely reduce the appearance of pigmentation day by day.
  • Obviously the main purpose of scrubbing is to remove dead cells from skin. The scrubber scrubs off all the dead cells on your skin, hence new skin cells develop and you experience healthy skin that you will fall in love with.
  • Good amount of scrubbing is required to get rid of ingrown hair. Just moisturize the area where you have ingrown hair a day before you plan to do the scrubbing. You will get to see results in less than a month.
  • Elbow and knee get dark as in the joint area, we gather much amount of dead cells. While scrubbing concentrate on those areas, spend a bit more time in that particular area and you will get to see the result after the first wash.
  • Feet should be scrubbed on alternative days to reduce dark spots, dull skin, roughness. This hassle free scrub can be your best friend at that. Scrub your feet, wash off, apply some heavy moisturizer or petroleum jelly, wear a pair of socks and you will love your feet.

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  • To get rid of lip pigmentation and chapped lips you can give your lips a gentle scrubbing. Applying a lip balm 1 hour before the process will help to get better results.
  • Many of us face a problem of having dark spots on under arms. Dead cells being a major reason, the scrubber will help to remove the dark spots and dullness of that area followed by a moisturizing lotion according to preference.


  • Ready to use and handy for people who do not have much time to invest in self-care regime.
  • Serves multiple benefits.


  • Price is a bit on the higher side if you don’t get a discount.
  • The product contains Sodium laureth Sulfate and Methylparaben. Many studies prove that they are not harmful. But if you are concerned you might avoid the product.

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My honest review for Oriflame Milk and Honey body scrub

I got the 200g product at offer price of 419 though the price is 679. I use it twice or thrice a week. It spreads well over wet skin as it form little foam when in contact with water so around 3 drops are enough for each hand. I use it all over my body and assume that the pack will last me for around 5 to 6 months. From my point of view ₹419 for 5 months, even is a good deal as it takes care of your whole body even under ₹100 per month.

This is a quick fix if you have dead cells on your skin for long and it’s time to get rid of it. So if you are thinking to buy it, I would definitely say that do not waste your time in thinking get the product now.

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