How to remove underarm hair the right way

Underarm hair is natural to men and women both, though, since long it is though by our mothers and aunties that showing off underarm hair is not cool. I have seen people bullying friends because they have underarm hair, strange!!!

If you feel you wish to remove your underarm hair that should be your choice. There are many ways how you can remove your underarm hair. That too depends on your skin and your preference.

Ways to remove underarm hair


Doing hot waxing, cold waxing or using waxing strips is quite popular among everyone nowadays. The process is a bit painful as it pulls out the hair from the root. Though as it pulls out hair from the root I personally have experienced that the hair comes out much slower. Though many a time waxing causes some allergic reactions because of some some extra products added to it. Though you can do a patch test before using it or can simply opt for lemon and sugar hot wax.

Using razor:

If you want a painless, no chemical hair removal process, you can always opt for a razor. It is handy, sustainable and you do not need assistance to make the process. But before going through the process make sure to have a new sharp razor, sit in a comfortable position and do not be in a hurry otherwise you will end up hurting yourself.

Using hair removal cream:

We are all familiar with hair removing cream and most of us has used this process some time in life. It is painless, budget friendly and you do not need to go to a salon to have that done. But.. many a times it is seen that skin gets dark because of using hair removal cream. It is the major problem that I have faced in my late teens and suffered with the problem for quite a few years.

Using epilator:

Using the epilator is really harmless as you do not need not to apply any chemical on your skin neither you need to use a razor. But it is a painful procedure as it pulls out your hair from the root. It is handy as well.

Now you have an idea on which process to chose for your skin.

Must do before removing underarm hair

  • Scrubbing

Except hair removal cream for all the other above mentioned processes you should exfoliate the skin. It will prevent ingrown hair. By removing all the dead cells, it will make the hair removal process easy and effective.

  • Applying moisturizer day before waxing

Moisturizer or some heavy cream will help to nourish the skin. This will soften the skin, reducing the pain while pulling the hair off. Also, this will help to reduce the damage caused by hair removal cream.

Must do after removing underarm hair

  • Wash off well

It you are using some hair removal cream make sure to remove it really well. Otherwise, if left on the skin, it may harm your skin, making it dry and darker.

  • Sooth with some lotion

After removing body hair we should soothe our skin with some soothing lotion or gel or Aloe Vera gel will also help. This will relax the skin from any type of discomfort caused by waxing.

  • Cool it up

Use some ice if you have done hot waxing, epilator or any other process which pulls off the hair from the root. This will help to reduce redness or bumps caused by waxing.

  • Use moisturizer

Finish the process by applying some good moisturizer. Hydrated skin is less prone to damage, dryness and darkness so never skip the last step regardless of what process you use.

So now you know about what you can do to have your underarm hairless and healthy. Share your precious feedback in the comments below to let me know what you feel.

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