How hair grows fast-Best hair growth tips using natural ingredients.

Now long hair is a fashion in. But long hair needs much attention and proper care. In this article, we will discuss how hair grows fast with some hair growth tips at home using natural ingredients. Also, we will talk about hair growth food, one hair mask, hair vitamins that you can include in your lifestyle without spending lots of money and time on it.

Hair grows fast by trimming it regularly

It is an unending debate if you should trim your hair or not if you wish to grow your hair long. Normally, hair grows half an inch in a month. Trimming your hair helps to avoid split ends and other damages to your hair. If hair gets damaged, it tends to break from the middle leading to very unhealthy hair growth. Unhealthy thin hair growth is not at all desired. To avoid breakage and split ends, you should trim your hair at regular intervals. If you are blessed with healthy hair growth and less damage, you may opt for not so frequent trimming, but if your hair is prone to breakage, you should trim your hair in regular intervals.

Avoid bleach or chemical treatment

If you are trying to grow your hair fast, you should avoid using a chemical treatment on your hair. The chemical treatment causes more harm to your hair than it benefits your hair. Chemical treatment breaks the natural structure of the hair. As you can notice, chemically treated hair need much care than a regular one.

Hair grows fast with balanced meal and vitamin supplements

When you are trying to grow your hair long, it is advisable to have protein in your diet. To grow your hair fast, you should incorporate meat, beans, salmon in your meal. If you are someone who lacks protein or vitamin and suffers from various health problems, your hair growth will slow down. In this case, you should take a hair supplement or vitamin supplement definitely after consulting with your doctor.

If you are someone who takes an ample amount of protein and vitamin and other vital nutrients, taking hair supplements is not required for you as this will not help you any further. Our body keeps as much as it needs, and the rest it flushes away.

Use conditioner and hair serums

If you want to grow your hair without split ends or damage, you should never forget to apply a good conditioner of your choice. After the process of shampooing and using conditioner, you should also apply some good hair serum on semi-wet hair. In both conditioner and serum, natural ingredients and fewer chemicals are always the formula I would recommend. If you are someone who is facing hair breakage, hair serum will be your BFF

Rinse hair with cold water

If having a bath in hot water is tempting, it is not good for your hair at all. After washing your hair, make sure to end the process wold water rinse. Coldwater will close the open pore and seal the natural moisturize level of hair.

Use hair masks to grow hair fast

Using some good natural hair mask provides your hair with some extra nourishment that you may not provide otherwise. Using raw eggs mixed with Aloevera gel and 1 spoon of castor oil on the scalp for 45 minutes before having shampoo will not only nourish but also promote hair growth.

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Avoid using heat or use heat protection

In the current time, we are more prone to using heat styling tools. If you are one of them, try using minimum heat or low heat while styling. Another most important thing to remember is to use heat protection before styling. And you also should not use heat on wet hair as it will cause an extreme level of damage rather than fry your hair.

Brush your hair before sleeping

Our scalp itself produces natural oils to take care of our hair. Take some time to relax and comb your hair. Don’t sleep with tangled hair at night as it encourages hair breaking. Comb your hair at night, preferably with a wide-tooth comb. This will distribute the natural oils to the hair which will take care of your hair naturally.

Sleep on silk pillow cover

Hair brakes easily when you sleep on your cotton pillow cover. On the other hand, the soft silk pillow cover helps us to prevent breakage. Just invest once in a silk pillow cover to notice less hair falling on your bed after you get up in the morning.

Never comb wet hair

When the hair is wet, it is in a very sensitive condition. You should not rub wet hair with a towel to get it dry. Also, you should also keep in mind that you should never comb your wet hair to detangle it or for any other reason. If you have a habit of doing that, you should stop it right now. I guess you can see the extreme level of hair fall when you comb your wet hair. So to prevent hair fall and breakage, don’t comb your wet hair from the very next time.

Rectify how you comb

How you comb your hair may cause damage to your hair. The right way to comb your hair is to start from the end with a wide tooth comb and work upwards to the top. Please never fight with your tangled hair. If your hair is tangled, take some water and your hair serum in a spray bottle, mix it well, spray it on your hair, now see how easy it is to have smooth hair without any hassle..


Pro tip

Almost all of us use various hair products to keep our hair nourished. But the heartful chemicals present in in the products may cause damage to our hair in long run. We can substitute our hair serum or heat protection with the following DIY.

Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of aloe vera gel as much as you need. Mix 1 Vitamin E capsule and 2 to 3 tablespoon o work upwards to the top. Please fight with your tangled hair. If your hair is tangled, take some water and your hair serum in a spray bottle, mix it well, spray it on your hair, now see how es to have smooth hair with


This are few tips and tricks by which hair grows fast. We can have healthy long hair by simply changing some of our bad practices. Though it is not an overnight process but by implementing one habit after the other, we can have long healthy hair as we might have wished. So start in a beautiful manner today to create beautiful tomorrow.

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