Get naturally pink lips with home remedies

Natural color our of lips is pink or red or similar color depending on the genetics of the person. With the passing of time as we step into the late teens our lips starts to get pigmented due to various practices or genetic reasons. It’s better to prevent lip pigmentation occurring as it is easier to prevent compared to remove pigmentation. But if you are someone who is already having darkness on lips you may practice some of the below mentioned process to get your lips pink again.

Before getting into the processes, please remember that it will take some time and regular care to get good results.

Tomato and sugar scrub for pink lips

Take a slice of tomato. Sprinkle some amount of sugar on the cut open side. Wait for 2 minutes and the sugar will melt a bit. Now scrub your lips in a circular motion for around 5 minutes. Wash it off with normal water and apply some good quality of lip balm.

Lemon and sugar lip scrub

Take around 6 to 7 drops of lemon juice. Add ¼th spoon of sugar and a little pinch of turmeric to it. Wait around 2 minutes to melt the sugar a bit. Scrub your lips with the same for 5 minutes. Wash off with regular water and apply lip balm. Repeat the process on alternative days.

Use your face scrub

If you are not comfortable with the DIY process, you can use your regular market brought scrubber that you use on your face. Use it on alternative days and never forget to apply lip balm after completion of the process.

Scrubbing helps to remove dead cells accumulated on the lips. As you continue the process for around a month you will notice visible results indeed.

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Rose petals for pink lips

You can see when you use dark lipstick it leaves some stain on the lips even after removing it properly and your lip color becomes darker. You can use some natural source of color to your lips pink or similar.

Mix some Rose petals power or paste with some gram flour. Add some honey and lemon juice to it. Honey moisturizes and lemon adds glow to the skin. Apply the mixture on your lips and rest for 10 minutes. Take a very small quantity of the ingredients as you need to apply it on your lips and preferably don’t restore it. You can use it on alternative days, in a few days you will notice a difference in the lip color.

Instead of Rose petals you can also use Beetroot juice, which is a brilliant source of natural color for your lips.

Use good lip balm daily

You have chapped lips or not doesn’t matter. You should develop a habit to apply lip balm on your lips on a daily basis. If it does not get dry, then use once a day before going to bed. This will soften your lips preventing it to get dry and dark in the future.

Use olive oil regularly

You can use olive oil every day before going to sleep. This will soften your lips and also reduce darkness with some time. I personally have used this on my lips and this works better than any fancy market brought product.

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Use castor oil on lips

Castor oil is known for its multitasking capacities. It helps to reduce black spots or Pigmentation also. You can just apply it on your lips when you are not going out of the house at least for an hour. Let it work and you will notice visible results in a month or so depending on your skin type.

Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is extremely good for its moisturizing properties. It is being used by women for it’s beauty benefits beyond any time limit. You can use normal coconut oil or extra virgin coconut oil on your lips. Keep in for an hour to work. Repeat it daily and you will notice visible results in less than a month.

Change your daily habit to get pink lips

Lip pigmentation is not only an external matter, but major if the reasons are internal. That is why you should add and subtract some of your daily habits to look healthy and feel good.

  • Quite smoking.
  • Minimize intake of alcohol.
  • Eat colourful fruits and vegetables.
  • Have plenty of water in a day.
  • Stop using any cheap quality of lipstick.
  • Try using nude shades and try to avoid dark shades as lips get pigmented because of dark lipsticks.

Using scrubs and moisturizer is the main important part to get the natural pink lip color. Try any of these remedies according to the need of your skin and you will definitely get to notice in less than a month.

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