Biotique Bio seaweed revitalizing eye gel review

I have been using Biotique Bio seaweed revitalizing anti fatigue, eye gel since last 5 months now and if you are searching for a genuine review continue reading. I have under eye dark circle problem in my heredity and now work from home requires to spend more time in front of the computer than earlier. All this can cause me under eye dark circles which is not at all desired. That is why I decided to start using an eye gel without much delay. The Boutique Bio seaweed anti fatigue eye gel has been my first eye gel purchase ever.

Biotique Bio seaweed eye gel ingredients

Punarnava root – 3.0% (Boerhaavia diffusa plant root)

Behda fruit pulp – 3.5% (Terminalia bellerica)

Badam oil – 1.5% (Nut or almond oil)

Jaiphal oil – 0.5% (Nutmeg oil)

Madhu – 2.0% (Honey)

Channai ghas plant – 1.0% (Masonry grass)

Kheera juice – 1.0% (Cucumber juice)

Purified water – QS

Biotique Bio seaweed eye gel price:

It costs INR 199 for 15 grams of product. If compared to the quantity it might seem to be highly priced, but it is not so. When you compare it to other brand products it is cheaper than many available in the market. Also, as you need to apply it only on your eyes so a small amount of product goes a long way.

And many online stores offer discounts, so you can get it at a cheaper price.


It comes in a small round tub with proper lid and another lid inside to ensure no leakage of the product. And the outer cover is a cute little green box in which the product comes packed in.

How to use Biotique Bio seaweed eye gel:

As described in the package:  Lightly pat around eye area morning and evening.

Before going to sleep, wash your face as you do regularly and do not apply any oil based product before applying the eye gel. Take a small amount of the product on the tip of your ring finger. Apply it in circular motion preferably clockwise and anti clockwise, then continue with your night care regime.

My experience:

This is the first eye gel that I have ever tried. After using it on your eyes it feels like cooling all the stress of the day. It increases the blood flow in the area, resulting in reducing under eye dark circles and puffy ness of eyes. It’s gel based and gets absorbed in less than a minute, leaving a cooling sensation on your tired eyes.


  • Visible results achieved in less time.
  • Affordable price.
  • Travel friendly package.
  • From a well known beauty brand.
  • Little goes long.
  • Cruelty free vegan products used.
  • Fresh fragrance.


  • There are very few negative comments available online. But I could not found anything negative with the product.

My recommendation

If you are someone who is searching for a budget friendly eye gel with good results to take proper care of your eyes you can definitely give it a try. Though the results are always defferent from person to person. This can be very useful for oily skin people as it is in a gel based formula and has a cooling effect.


To see how you can prevent and remove under eye dark circles with home remedies you can read : How to remove under eye dark circles

Let me know what was your experience with the article and with the eye gel in the comments below 👇👇

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