Remove underarms darkness at home

Irrespective of gender, man and woman face the problem of dark underarms. It is totally normal to have darkness or Pigmentation on the human body. The joint area of our body, tends to have a high level of pigmentation like elbows, knees, bikini line and underarms. This darkness occurs due to many reasons like excess fat, sweet, dead cells, dryness, wearing tight non breathable fabric, even some time hormonal changes and heredity. It is always better to prevent the occurrence of pigmentation as it is easier than to remove it.

How to prevent underarm darkness

  • Scrubbing

Underarms darkness often occurs due to dead cells gathered on the skin. Scrubbing your underarms regularly or on alternative days will help to remove dead cells, hence reduces the tendency of darkness. You can use market brought scrubbers or loofah while having a bath according to your preference.

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  • Use roll on

Using good underarm roll on without any alcohol is a great practice. It controls sweat and odor. Also, it nourishes the skin, provides moisture, preventing dryness and prevents darkness of skin.

  • Moisturize after bath

If you use scrubber or anything to cleanse your underarms, it wipes off the natural moisture of the skin. Using some good moisturizing cream or lotion even petroleum jelly will help to restore the moisture of skin and prevent dryness and darkness.

  • Aloevera gel and vitamin E

Mix the content of a vitamin E capsule to 4 tablespoon amount of Aloe Vera gel and store it. Use it daily before going to bed. It helps preventing underarms darkness and also reduces visibility of stretch marks in that area.

  • Apply Olive oil

If you like to use oil on your body you can just apply few drops of olive oil on your underarms at night before going to bed. It makes the skin soft and nourishes the skin making it even tone with the natural color of your body.

  • Apply Castor oil 

Castor oil is known for its multiple beauty benefits. Take Coconut oil and castor oil in 1:1 proportion. Apply it on your underarms before going to bed. It will make the skin extremely soft, fight against bacteria, remove darkness and even remove stretch marks on that area.

  • Wear cotton clothes

Often tight non breathable fabric causes sweat, rash and itchy ness on the skin. Try wearing soft, breathable cotton clothes as your daily wear to keep your skin happy.

  • Remove sweat often

Sweat causes darkness of skin on areas like underarms and bikini line. Try removing the sweat by having a bath or using tissue paper whenever possible. This will keep the skin fresh and you will feel more comfortable and confident.

  • Do not use hair removal cream

Hair removal cream contains harmful chemical. Often after using hair removal cream the skin gets dry and turns into the darker color than usual. Try out other hair removal options that is skin friendly and you are comfortable with.

How to remove underarms darkness

  • Rice flour scrub

Mix 2 tablespoons of rice flour, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, pinch of turmeric, 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply on alternative days. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash it off scrubbing in circular motion. This will remove dead cells, fight bacteria and soften the skin.

  • Do hot waxing

Hot waxing is a good way to remove dead cells. You may try hot waxing to remove your underarm hair. Don’t forget to apply some soothing lotion followed by your regular moisturizer.

  • Use razor

If bearing the pain of hot waxing is not your choice you may opt for hair removing with some good razor. Though shaving with a razor will require more regular removal process compared to hot waxing, it’s safe on skin as no harsh chemical is used on the skin.

  • Do not remove hair

Removing underarm hair is a choice. If you don’t feel the need to remove your underarm hair that is also fine. In addition, it will keep the moisture of skin intact and will not make the skin dry.

  • Scrub before you wax

Scrubbing before waxing helps to make the skin smooth and reduces the chance to have ingrown hair. Though this process should be followed by on the whole body do not neglect the underarms.

  • Moisturize

As you need to take care of your underarms do not forget to moisturize the skin. Many a time darkness occurs due to dryness. So using some good moisturizing lotion or heavy cream will help with this problem.

  • Use anti fungal products

Due to sweat bacteria can break out in that area. Use some soothing lotion or some anti fungal product that will keep your skin healthy and bacteria free. Consult a doctor if you need to choose any such product.

  • Follow a healthy diet

If underarms darkness occurred due to hormonal changes, adolescence, sudden weight gain you should start to follow a healthy diet full of Vitamin, protein, and other vital nutrients.


If you are facing problem of dark underarms, please realise there are many like you who is facing the same problem. If it is bothering you because you don’t like it, take care of it and it will disappear with time.

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